The Barns


Over the years we have built hundreds of barns, large and small. Each was designed according to the customer’s needs: function, strength, curb appeal, ease of assembly, and at a very good price.


The plans are preengineered, and very well detailed, with multiple pages of elevations, sections and schematics. These are post and beam barns with a choice of stem wall or pole barn foundations. They can be single level or lofted, often with energy efficient living space.


The process starts with finding the best plan with your needs in mind. With a bit of back and forth communication we will find or create the perfect plan. These plans will have the answers you will need for the building department, your builder, carpenters, and for vendors and suppliers.

So…., start with the plans. Fine tune the plans with us. From the building department, we will need the following information; • wind load, • ground snow load, • frost depth, • earthquake zone, • site address, and • plan size. (11 X 17” is a common size, but occasionally 24 X 36” is required.) Be sure and check set back distances, height restrictions, and possible land issues.


Nowadays many building departments will require a state licensed engineer’s “wet stamp review”. This stamp is an extra cost paid directly to the engineer. Once the plans are ready we will forward your plans to an engineering firm that is licensed in your state for their review quote. They are licensed in all 50 states and reasonably priced. Or you can seek a different engineer’s review.


It is always a good idea to prepare your plans early, several months early if possible. People often miss their target date to start building. Scroll below to alert us to plans and pictures that you like, or find ideas from other websites and text them to us or their screenshot pictures. We will draw from the more than 100 plans we have on hand or develop a new plan to suit, based on your ideas.


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